Our Service Commitment

Home Help Watford is a company specialising in Home Care, which includes providing support and personal care, companionship and additional complimentary services at the request of clients. We also supply carers to day care centres and residential homes.

We provide a diverse range of responsive, valued and excellent support and care services to clients in need. Individuals choose us to support them in achieving their aims in life and having maximum independence and control so that they can lead a life which is truly their own with the help of ourselves and carers.

The company was established in 2009 by Rudi Gray, a highly-qualified healthcare professional having over 23 years’ experience within the National Health Service, much of it with elderly or otherwise vulnerable people.

Our goals and purpose

From the beginning, Rudi decided that the goals and purpose of Home Help Watford would be:

  • Ensuring that the wellbeing of our clients is of paramount importance
  • Offer a quality of service in line with best practice and with regulatory standards
  • To provide support which will enable clients to remain in their own homes and participate in the wider life of the community and which will meet complex needs
  • To recognise and satisfy all our clients, communicating & building our relationship with them and understanding & delivering their needs and wishes
  • To become the homecare agency of choice, offering training, development and satisfaction
  • To ensure that the care we provide is efficient and cost-effective
  • Ensuring that staffing resources are deployed through allocation of staff posts to services and rota planning to meet clients’ needs and preferences

During this time Rudi developed a passion for looking after people in their own homes because this preserves dignity and choice, especially in relation to whom care is provided by, and does this with compassion and respect. She also established an orphanage in Zimbabwe, supported by a charity based in the UK.

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