At Home Help Watford we recognise that for most service users the most important people in our organisation are the care workers with whom the service users will have regular contact.

Therefore, at Home Help Watford we take great care in recruiting, training and supervision of all our staff to ensure that we provide our service users with a high quality service. We support our carers with their growth and encourage them to take part in accredited NVQ training, i.e. level 1 or 2.

At Home Help Watford we aim to ensure that there is no discrimination in the selection or recruitment of any person we appoint for a position within the company regardless of sex, race, colour, nationality, national origin, ethnic origin, disability, age, religion, belief or sexual orientation.

With all of the company directors having worked as care workers in the community, the management of the company have a good understanding of the issues you may be faced with as a care worker and the rewards a career in social care can bring.

At Home Help Watford we understand the importance of being happy within your chosen career and encourage all workers to work as a team to ensure that both staff and service users are happy and receiving a high standard of care.

You as a care worker can really make a difference within your community and be proud of what you can achieve!!

All job offers are subject to:

  • Satisfactory POVA and DBS check
  • Satisfactory references (2 off) and Verification
  • Satisfactory medical questionnaire
  • Induction of Staff before placements
  • Appropriate availability
  • If applicable driving licence/insurance documents being valid and up to date
  • Sight of a document confirming an individuals right to work in the UK where applicable
  • We will inform the applicant aware of the results of the interview as soon as possible

Induction and Training

On joining the company you as an employee will complete induction training to the satisfaction of management.

Induction training includes practical training under the supervision of the manager and appropriately experienced staff, on the principles of care, safe working practices, and the needs of our service users, the organisation and your role as a worker.

All staff will receive relevant basic training in:

  • Pova
  • First aid
  • Food hygiene
  • Health and safety
  • Safe guarding Adults
  • Moving and Handling.

Staff Enrichment

  • Provide our with uniforms
  • ID badges
  • Mileages
  • Holiday Payments

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Reasons to become a carer at Home Help Watford:

  • Leading employment packages
  • Specialist training and development
  • Unrivalled support and management
  • We invest in and reward our carers
  • Career opportunities

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